apiphani is a software and services company dedicated to minimizing the effort and risk associated with managing tier 1 SAP applications. Their upcoming AI product, Max, provides a new way to alleviate the risk associated with human error. Learn how we positioned this innovative startup for success. 


Apiphani was faced with inventing itself from the ground up. They possessed a number of competitive advantages that needed to be woven into a brand story that spoke to CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs.  In addition to having a superior offering for SAP managed services, they are in the process of developing an AI product, Max to provide rapid response to incidents and intelligent automation, which needed branding as well.


We developed a brand strategy that focused on points of differentiation – “not your typical SAP services company.” This brought attention to their exceptional quality and efficiency, all backed by experienced people with decades of experience.

Visually, we developed the metaphor of oversight through the use of overhead photography, giving a bird’s-eye view of situations.  We paired modern sans-serif typography with a monospaced font that relates to the technical industry of SAP. The brand mark also uses transparency, which was another brand attribute.


In the end, we developed strategic direction, branding and an attractive website to launch this company on the right foot in 2019.