Discover how C42D branded and launched Kindbody, a category-redefining healthcare unicorn that disrupted the fertility clinic space with a lifestyle-based model centered around community and a female-first approach. 

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Kindbody needed a branding agency to get out of the gate fast with a planned NYC launch only months away. The competition felt cold, male-dominated, and off-putting. None of the top fertility clinics provided the assurance that comes with a familiar brand. The opportunity was ripe to launch a modern clinical experience that fuses technology, wellness, and technology, all housed in a beautiful boutique environment.

C42D was tasked to strategize, develop and bring to life the brand story and identity, and launch the brand and website in short order.



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Discovery, interviews, and analysis uncovered key insights into the mindset of potential members, the fertility category, and cultural trends, informing the company’s positioning and creative direction.

Before Kindbody, the fertility space was dominated almost exclusively by uninspired, look-alike clinical brands. Clearly, it was time for a new disrupter brand to shake things up.

To achieve this, C42D seized upon three key pillars for the creative direction: simplicity, humanity, and a female but not feminine aesthetic. In addition, we drew inspiration from passion brands, branded spaces, and mind and body brands.

The use of a typewritten font is a reference to women’s liberation as 81% of women entering the workforce at the turn of the last century began their careers as typists, disrupting the male-dominated workplace.



Verbal Identity:

A brand manifesto set the verbal tone for this unapologetic, confident brand to reframe and reinvent the category.

The parenthesis symbolizes the body and mind — creating an ownable and scalable visual asset, for example in the tagline “awaken your (future)”

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Kindbody Website
Kindbody Website
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150 Million+

Raised Post-Brand-Launch


Status - Feb. 2022


Total project start to finish time was three months (whoa)! In this timeframe, C42D delivered: Brand Strategy, Positioning, Key Messaging, Brand Identity System, Tagline, Responsive Website, Environmental, and OOH Graphics.

Kindbody is now receiving national recognition and news coverage as a trailblazing startup. They have raised over 150M in funding as of June, 2022 (Source: Crunchbase). Visit the site



We’ve had a lot of success with the launch. We’ve had over 20,000 visitors since the site went live. Everyone we speak to has very positive things to say about our branding and the look of our website.