2022: A Year in Review

By David Card

The past 12 months have been a whirlwind, to say the least. In 2022, we explored some new ground as well as built brands in our sweet spot (healthcare). 

We named five companies (!), including “when,” which is just about the best name for an insurance company in history. The C42D crew created outstanding brands in menopause, biotech, venture capital, event tech, fertility, and the exploration of curiosity itself.

A special thank you to our clients for believing in C42D and pushing us to create our best work, and the C42D team that makes it all look easy. 

Below are some of the highlights from the past year – we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. 

01. Midday

Midday is a personalized digital health app for women that illuminates what is happening physically and emotionally during menopause and provides the right intervention at the right time to manage symptoms and promote healthy aging. This project was the full enchilada, including strategy, naming, identity, app design, and website.

check out the case study

02. When 

When is a financial wellness solution that protects your ability to pay for health insurance coverage after involuntary job loss. It’s like insurance for your insurance, so to speak. C42D was responsible for brand strategy, messaging, company naming, visual identity, and website built on webflow. With a potential recession around the corner, we’re proud to have done our small part to potentially help people afford medical care if a crisis hits.

03. Fluent Health

Fluent Health is a women’s health startup that is building a platform for care management, telehealth, wellness content, and medical records storage via a mobile app to be launched in 2023. 

check out the case study

04. The Humane Space

Imagine an app that is focused on cultivating wonder, deep thinking and awe. Enter The Humane Space, which curates thoughtful daily prompts and experiences that feed curiosity and widen perspective, encouraging people to consider the world beyond. C42D joined forces with Iconoclast to build an equally awe-inspiring brand and app design.

Check out the Case study here.

05. K50 Ventures

K50 Ventures provides the first check for founders transforming the world’s biggest industries to make life better for the 99%. C42D developed this brand to resonate with young founders and radiate positive energy. 

check out the case study

06. Andala

Andala is a care delivery brand that provides patients suffering from depression with easy access to treatment options that are safe, effective, affordable, and reliable, delivered in a calm and supportive environment.

check out the case study

07. Sage

Sage Realty has been an icon of Manhattan commercial real estate for over 90 years. 
Sage contacted C42D while repositioning millions of square feet of Manhattan real estate. As part of that process, the firm explored its heritage, its soul, and its future to create a new Sage, suited to a new era in commercial real estate.

check out the case study



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