Who We Are

Remote by design

C42D is a 100% remote branding agency. Our core NYC team serves as the strategic and creative hub while managing outside partners across various disciplines as project needs arise. The result is a smart, efficient, and nimble process—and access to the best talent.

CLIENT Web Development Market Research Naming & Testing Content Creation CRO Marketing Partners
Founder and CEO David Card
Founder and CEO David Card

With over 20 years experience managing agencies, David possesses the ability to quickly grasp the essential core issues at hand and prescribe actionable next steps to move the ball forward. He has specialized expertise in positioning, brand strategy and identity systems for early stage companies.

Sr. Project Manager Jason Leung
Sr. Project Manager Jason Leung

Jason is a Project Manager and Account Director with 7+ years of experience in the marketing and creative agency world, with a track record of leading teams to produce high-quality, impact-focused work for clients. Drawing on a skillset in project management and creative problem solving, he’s worked with notable clients from startups to household names.

Art Director Alison Abate
Art Director Alison Abate

Alison has developed brand identity systems for startups in healthcare, consumer products, blockchain, and the B2B space. In addition to design, she takes an interest in strategy and makes meaningful connections with clients to understand their specific needs.

SR. Designer Justin Cangiano
SR. Designer Justin Cangiano

With every client he works with, Justin aims to bring their vision to life with a combination of storytelling and art. As a design-oriented thinker, he continues to push the envelope when it comes to designing for clients, whether it be on a presentation or a complete brand.

SR. Digital Designer TJ Knight
SR. Digital Designer TJ Knight

With this diversified skillset, TJ has developed a knack for creative problem solving that attacks from all angles. Having studied under some of the great minds in advertising, he understands the careful process of discovering big ideas to create functional, user-facing work.

Our Values

  1. You make the call

    Empowerment is key to our success as a team, we always want our people to be empowered to make decisions.

  2. Curiosity wins

    As creatives, curiosity is our lifeblood. We should never stop asking why.

  3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    Respect for ourselves, our teammates and our clients must guide all of our interactions.

  4. Not knowing is okay

    We don’t have all the answers, and that’s all right. Humility is key.

  5. We are well-read

    We never stop in our quest to learn more, and broaden our horizons.

  6. We are all one

    In the end, we’re all equals and on the same team. We don’t have to agree but we do have to stand as one.

  7. Laugh 😆

    We feel if we cant laugh at ourselves from time to time then why are we here?

Join us.

We’re seeking curious and driven people to help us rule the Galaxy.