C42D Client Kindbody Chosen as a 2022 Breakthrough Brand by Interbrand

By David Card
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Breakthrough Brands is Interbrand’s compilation of companies who are challenging category and cultural norms, pushing sector innovation to new, unexplored areas, and making even the biggest competitors take notice.

Interbrand’s 2022 Breakthrough Brands is the result of a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of today’s most progressive and innovative brands. The list is composed of 30 brands that best exemplify their tenets of brand growth: understanding human truths, creating exceptional brand experiences, and building from strong economic forecasts.

The selection process involved analyzing 300+ brands gathered by both internal (across Interbrand Global offices) and external nominations (utilizing our website and social media accounts). Candidates had to have a significant US presence and were selected based on their perceived disruption of cultural or category norms, ability to draw media attention, and financial growth.

C42D is honored to have partnered with this exceptional client to help change the fertility landscape for thousands. An excerpt from the report is below:

Whether it’s unempathetic physicians who see patients as data points or convoluted treatments that leave people confused and anxious, fertility care is often off-putting at best and nightmarish at worst. Coupled with the fact that 25% of millennials feel apprehensive about having children now due to complications, a clearer picture begins to emerge of the issues facing fertility.

Kindbody aims to change things. With a modern, tech-savvy marketing strategy and an intelligent and virtual care facility (as well as in-person clinics), Kindbody is taking fertility care into the future we all want to live in: one that is empathetic, patient-centric, and affordable. The company is growing rapidly — in just four years, they already have outlets in 10 US cities — and last year they raised $62M, the largest amount in a single year for a fertility brand.

With a knack for simple and informative communication, beautiful and empathetic physical space design, and a strong purpose-driven mission, Kindbody is looking to revolutionize the ways in which we think about fertility. The brand’s long-term vision is to become the premier clinic for fertility, gynecology, and wellness services. Driven by their need to make fertility more affordable and equitable across the spectrum of care, Kindbody could ultimately serve as a model for health practices aspiring to better serve their communities.

Check out the Kindbody Case Study here.


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