Actify Neurotherapies is a network of mental health clinics with over 5,000 patients and nine locations. With medical brands on the rise and mental health issues garnering more attention, learn how C42D repositioned and launched Actify as a warm and personalized place to get the safest, most advanced depression treatment available.


Actify is a nationally established neurotherapy clinic with innovative treatments and a plan to grow locations by 5x in three years. Their existing positioning, identity and messaging was flat, predictable and not in line with their disruptor status. 
In addition, they needed to move away from the perception of being a ketamine clinic.

Actify Logo


To address Actify’s difficult challenges, we recommended positioning the brand as a warm and personalized place to get the safest, most advanced depression treatment available, summarized by “rediscover yourself” which spoke to the breakthrough many patients described after undergoing the therapy. As a solution, not a treatment, Actify helps you lift yourself from the shadows of depression. For the B2B audience, we leaned into the safety, cost benefits and long-term success of their treatments.

Creatively, we designed a positive and bright palette to evoke an uplifting feeling. The calming blues and beige create a sense of welcoming and peacefulness while green, yellow and red accents pack a subtle punch. Actify’s lifestyle imagery shows real people living with the freedom to enjoy their lives. Images focus on the individual, as the mental health journey is highly personal.

The icons and patterns are warm, personal and consumer-focused, adding a textural touch that is in contrast to most medical branding. A friendly display font gives communications a soft, human feel while a clean sans-serif typeface gives a trustworthy and reliable feel to the brand.

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Actify Website
Actify Website
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C42D developed a brand strategy, identity, and designed and developed the website in record time. The brand has launched to positive accolades from both patients and investors. Stay tuned for more metrics soon!

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