Atai Life Sciences is a a biopharmaceutical company that is redefining how the world approaches, prevents, and heals mental health disorders, by leveraging a decentralized platform approach to incubate and accelerate the development of highly effective mental health treatments that address the unmet needs of patients.

Experiencing tremendous growth, Atai Life Sciences hired C42D to revamp their visual branding and redesign their website to better communicate value to investors, articulate their platform, and attract new talent to the company.


Atai has an extremely qualified team and a 20+ year track record of bringing drugs to market, however, their existing brand was not performing. C42D positioned Atai as the leading vertically integrated mental well-being company delivering on prevention, breakthrough innovation, and delivery of treatments through a unique platform focused on mental health.

The Atai Life Sciences visual brand was built upon the science that is redefining mental health. Striking macro abstractions intermingle with both sleek design elements and human-centered photography, embodying their commitment to people and their place at the forefront of innovation. A vibrant and saturated color palette demands attention, and is balanced by a serious, grounding slate, communicating passion and gravity simultaneously.

A modern serif boldly announces that Atai is not your ordinary science brand because it defiantly departs from the predictable landscape of traditional sans-serif typefaces. Particles dance on the webpage, inviting individuals to join a transformative journey at the intersection of science and compassion. In every design choice, Atai Life Sciences declares a commitment to reshaping the narrative of science—a narrative where humanity is not just an observer but an integral part of the story.






425 M
Raised Post-Brand-Launch