A hybrid medical startup needed to establish itself with clarity and credibility while taking on systemic challenges and delicate topics like major mental illness and substance use disorders. But while Author Health has a solution that helps power better health outcomes, C42D developed a brand that directly resonates with the people it serves.


Author Health had to find the right way to tell their story. Balancing the need to be recognized as a mental healthcare startup while differentiating your brand voice is difficult enough. Establishing brand credibility and trust is more important — and more challenging — than ever when dealing with loved ones and sensitive diagnoses.

Other mental healthcare startups fall into common visual patterns and use very similar language. This means that while it’s easier to create another brand identity that looks like a mental healthcare startup, it can be tricky to convey differentiators that communicate your offering and resonate with customers and investors.

C42D was brought in to perform audience research, strategize and build the brand story and messaging, and launch the website and digital footprint.



The platform developed by Author Health is built to serve patients, caregivers, and their providers as they navigate complex diagnoses like schizophrenia and dementia. While Author Health understands the needs of its audience, blanket assumptions about their perceptions could hurt the brand.

C42D kicked off the engagement with an in-depth research project. Hourlong in-depth interviews were performed with each audience subgroup to understand the issues they face and what solutions do and don’t work for them. Developing the brand from a position directly informed by the target audience allowed for messaging that reflects their concerns and vocabulary.

From here, C42D built a brand frame that defined the audience using their own words and elaborated on the promise and purpose behind Author Health. Competitive positioning was mapped out, both carving a spot out in the industry while also understanding what it takes to stand out. From there, specific brand messages were developed alongside a library of audience tactics.


The Author Health brand was designed to capture the seamless connection between compassionate care and the vibrant lives of patients and caregivers. The logo symbolizes their transformative journey, embodying growth, resilience, and endless possibilities.

With empathy and expertise, Author Health empowers patients and caregivers to navigate challenges, promoting clarity through open communication. Every font and color choice was meticulously made to strike a balance between strength and gentleness, reflecting Author Health’s belief in the inherent strength of patients while offering support through any obstacles they may encounter.

Like ferns in a garden, Author Health nurtures growth and transformation, celebrating genuine moments captured through their photography. By providing a safe space for patients to flourish, represented by vessel shapes, they accompany patients on their journey, embracing every aspect of their story, including its twists and turns.



By working closely with Author Health and its target audiences, C42D helped build a brand in which consumers and providers may see themselves, infusing trust and confidence. Author Health launched with 115M in private VC backing and is recognized as a value-based care trailblazer.


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