Climate Vault Solutions reduces and removes carbon dioxide emissions with its innovative market-based approach to addressing climate change. They are backed by several prominent investors and have partnerships with several organizations, including the Environmental Defense Fund.

Climate Vault purchases emission allowances from government-regulated compliance carbon markets, removing them from circulation to prevent those emissions from taking place. Ultimately, those allowances are leveraged into equal or greater carbon dioxide removals, through a recurring RFP process that identifies the world’s most promising carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects.

Climate Vault, which began as a nonprofit organization founded in 2021, had an existing brand and was in the process of preparing for the launch of its B2B wing, Climate Vault Solutions, in 2023. To facilitate this new venture, C42D was enlisted to create a brand identity (while retaining the original logo at the client’s request), develop associated marketing materials, and design the organization’s website.

The team ventured into innovative realms to establish the visual identity. By scrutinizing the competitors, they uncovered areas of opportunity and discovered potential avenues to enhance color, typography, photography, and other design components. Subsequently, numerous mood boards were created with corresponding design narratives, and after thorough deliberation, a definitive course was selected.

The design elements for Climate Vault’s visual identity exude vibrancy and energy, with a modern take on traditional colors from nature. The photography is crisp and clean, featuring a human subject in awe of their surroundings to represent the positive impact Climate Vault’s efforts have on humanity. The design incorporates a topographical map and an abstract compass to symbolize the organization’s commitment to charting the future of climate action, which is further reinforced by overhead landscape shots. To add a personal and unique touch, a modern humanist sans-serif font was selected for the headlines.

Check out the website here.