Cuebiq is the global leader in mobility and location intelligence. They help clients answer their most pressing questions via the most comprehensive understanding of the offline consumer journey.

cuebiq logo

The world of location data is thriving, yet often times viewed in a negative light. Cuebiq is different. In addition to providing the most accurate and precise permission-based location intelligence, Cuebiq is driving innovation and enhancing the quality of life across the globe by sharing their data and insights with the scientific community to create positive action in the service of humanity. We set out to help them increase brand recognition and awareness by creating a new identity system and website, strategically powered to disrupt the location data industry.

cuebiq logo

Cuebiq’s only direction for the logo was simple — keep the cube motif, but evolve it. Therein lies our challenge — how do we make a commonly used shape ownable and unique? We started by anchoring on three attributes — accuracy, precision and transparency. Our creative process led us to a mark consisting of three segments — one for each attribute. A cube in the shape of a ‘C’. Finally, we created the logotype by developing a custom typeface using simple geometry and rounded corners to represent Cuebiq’s positivity.

After a thorough discovery phase with the Cuebiq team, we established a few principles to guide the new identity system — accuracy, precision and transparency. Furthermore, we concluded that location data represents people and their behavior. Our research presented an opportunity to differentiate Cuebiq here. We noticed the majority of the competitor brands lacked humanity — images of people were non existent. This breakthrough led us to create a series of patterns and key visuals blending photography and graphic treatments to humanize location data.

After creating Cuebiq’s core identity and brand elements, we shifted our focus to the website. The existing site, while minimal, was complicated and difficult to navigate. Our challenge was clear — how do we make a complex subject simple without losing its substance? Our solution started with re-thinking the user experience and global navigation. Once the framework was in place, we created unique value propositions for each product which informed all messaging. The final product created a platform for the new brand story through a mobile-first website powered by an easy-to-use WordPress CMS.

The feedback has been extremely positive across the board from a number of prominent people outside the company... They say the new look validates who we are and what we do, which was the objective of the rebranding.

Valentina Bieser
VP Marketing, Cuebiq