Meetperry is a members-only community of sophisticated investors who share knowledge and deal flow to build wealth through syndicated investing in alternative market opportunities. Free from the onerous fee structures and conflicts that tarnish private banks and brokerages, meetperry members enjoy no-fee investing with all the benefits the Club offers in a single annual membership fee.


Our deep discovery process revealed that meetperry has unique value as an exclusive club of like-minded individuals working together to build wealth. With clearly identified strategic implications based on findings, positioning development was finalized collaboratively with stakeholders in a Positioning Workshop.

Next, we developed a brand strategy that emphasized leveraging quality membership, access to exclusive investment opportunities, alignment of shared values, and the importance of character. Key messages were written to support the overall brand halo and inform copywriting. Finally, voice and tone principles and a brand narrative were created.

The design system is grounded in maturity and elegance. A deep teal is calming and approachable yet exhibits depth and gravity. Taupe and white, the brand neutrals, provide space for messaging to shine. A pop of enthusiastic orange is optimistic and positive.

Just as the members of meetperry collaborate to create future success, our typography combines serifs and sans-serifs. Photography captures enthusiastic engagement in progress with a warm palette of tans, navy, black, and browns. Natural light gives an air of optimism and growth. Subjects remain anonymous to evoke a sense of exclusivity and mystery.

The design system and brand strategy were implemented in the creation of a direct-response website to reinforce the brand narrative and drive awareness and member growth.

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