Midday is a personalized digital health app for women that illuminates what is happening physically and emotionally during menopause and provides the right intervention at the right time to manage symptoms and promote healthy aging. Learn how C42D created this brand including strategy, naming, identity, app design, and website.

Lisa Health’s end-to-end management platform helps women in menopause with a 360-degree approach to managing menopause symptoms. In anticipation of launching their app in mid-2022, Lisa Health hired C42D to build the brand for this app from the ground up, including discovery, brand strategy, naming, brand messaging, identity, and website.

Discovery, interviews, and analysis provided the raw material for our strategy phase. This allowed us to understand the audience, category, and culture to develop a company positioning and name.

A brand framework, personality and action principles, tone of voice, and brand messages were then created to round out the verbal identity. The naming brief establishes the job of the name, naming strategies, and creative platforms. Naming creative is prescreened for trademark registration and presented with evaluation criteria to deflect subjectivity.

The name Midday alludes to the clear, warm, and bright position of the sun at midday, suggesting good health and energy for a sparkling future. A brand personality that is fresh, joyous, and insightful suggests a beginning of a renewed self that can be nurtured to grow and bloom.

For color, a saturated golden yellow shines like rays of the sun. Deep, tanned orange is as hot as midday sand while blues of a tropical ocean cool the palette off. Bright fuchsia adds playfulness, intensity, and energy. A beige off-white glistens like sand on an island. Photography style illuminates candid moments captured in time. To add a touch of science and sophistication, graphic elements of thinly lined circles are used to encourage order, crystallizing information into action.

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