Discover how C42D branded and re-launched Nesterly, the trusted housing marketplace for seniors to find quality guests, forging connections, alleviating financial burdens, and enriching lives.

As a platform brand, Nesterly had two main audiences to connect with: hosts and guests. Because of their focus on seniors and college students, the strategy had to appeal to different segments while still projecting a unified DNA. It was our challenge to find the common ground.

We landed on a positioning based on safety. Hosts want to share their homes with quality guests above all else. Trust and safety are the core of the brand positioning, with simplicity and ease being the secondary components. Safe home-sharing appeals to guests as well – especially students. Because of the extra vetting and background checks, as well as platform features that increase compatibility, this positioning connected well with both product and market. To emphasize trust we developed a brand visual language that is human, inviting, and warm.

C42D developed a complete brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, as well as designing and developing the Nesterly website and advising on UI/UX for the Nesterly product. The brand just relaunched in January, 2021.