OOVA’s machine learning technology is a major advance over traditional fertility trackers and tests. With a mission to empower people to take control of their reproductive health and two charismatic co-founders, C42D had all the elements to weave a winning brand story.

For couples looking to conceive, becoming pregnant is a defining moment of their lives, fraught with emotion and stress. When issues arise, it can cause anguish, depression and strain their relationships. OOVA Came to C42D in need of a full brand strategy and identity, key messaging, tagline, mobile app design and e-commerce website.

We discovered that OOVA’s technology represented a major advance over traditional fertility trackers and tests. We also found some unexpected things, for example, the stigma and emotional weight of infertility makes it a difficult brand to craft a communications platform for. Care was taken to respect the nuances of this emotional situation. Also, both founders experienced fertility issues first-hand, which made for a powerful brand story.

To address OOVA’s difficult challenges, we recommended the following strategy for them:

We landed on the positioning concept of “the smarter way to conceive” to emphasize the intelligent nature of their innovative app and it’s competitive advantage over other solutions on the market.

We determined a brand voice that is clear and supportive, positive and honest will help forge real personal connections with their audience.

The messaging strategy included emphasizing not only the smart nature of the product but also the Co-Founder’s story of having trouble conceiving themselves—We’ve been there before, and we know what you’re going through.

In addition, what this strategy meant was we needed to develop a visual identity and creative platform that was warm, personal and forged an emotional connection with their customers.

We designed a brand mark that is friendly, organic and evokes pregnancy, an egg, and infinity – the cycle of life.

In record time, C42D developed unified branded elements across all applications, an organic, friendly feel, and honest, clear copywriting that espouses the empathetic brand qualities. This project just launched so check back for future results as they come in.