Pixel Care is a revolutionary, fully connected care support system for patients, providers, and pharmacies that provides a comprehensive overview of patient health.

After launching a prototype of its fertility app, Pixel engaged C42D to develop its brand story, identity, and digital presence. With extensive experience in online pharmacies, founder Adam Hait aimed to create a system that connects patients, providers, and pharmacies to improve patient health outcomes through shared information and medication management.

During the discovery phase, we conducted interviews and analyzed data to gain insights into the consumers, category, and culture, which served as the foundation for our strategy phase. This allowed us to develop a brand story that is centered around the theme of “connection,” which is at the core of Pixel Care’s support system. Despite being a novel and disruptive product, it was essential to infuse qualities of trust, reliability, and friendliness, especially as the first use case was in fertility treatment.

C42D also recommended a product naming brand architecture that can accommodate growth in new categories. The masterbrand was rebranded as Pixel Care, with Pixel Fertility as the product brand. This “branded house” approach enables expansion into new treatment categories as the company grows.

Creative territories for the visual identity were explored. Through analysis of the competition, areas of opportunity were identified for color, type, photography, and other design elements.

Our initial goal was to create brand mark concepts that could convey the multi-faceted and solution-focused system that Pixel Care offers. After much consideration, we settled on a single pixel joining a larger pixel to represent how Pixel Care unites patients, providers, and pharmacies to form a seamless source of accurate information, where queries are answered and treatment is tracked at every step.

We chose a color scheme led by a subdued and tranquil yellow, complemented by lavender, which reminds us of spring and perfectly complements yellow’s optimistic and inviting nature. White serves as the primary color, allowing for neutrality and creating open space. Taupe acts as our neutral color, while occasional pops of communicative coral tie the palette together. Navy is used to anchor the entire palette. By combining these colors, the brand can effectively communicate with a diverse audience.

When it comes to Pixel Care, communication is vital. Matching two contemporary sans-serifs that prioritize simplicity contributes to a friendly and approachable personality. Photography provides a glimpse into the lives of those who benefit from Pixel Care’s technology. Radial patterns represent the connection and solid foundation formed when building a network.