We all know Shazam is the app for naming tunes since 2000. C42D collaborated to revamp their Shazam for Brands toolkit, including creative concept, storytelling, the decks that they pitch to advertisers, and their overall messaging across marketing efforts. The result was an 80-page brand guide and a toolkit that seriously rocks. 🎸

Shazam had a bold vision for its sales strategy: revamp its approach, overhaul its look and feel, and revolutionize its presentation tools. We were tasked with auditing their sales resources, collaborating with the Shazam B2B team to refine and elevate their story, designing captivating visuals and a dynamic design system, and tying everything together with a comprehensive brand guide, presentation templates, and a guide for presentation usage.


Our first order of business was to take Shazam For Brands design system to the next level. We centered our approach around a captivating new visual element inspired by the iconic animated concentric rings featured in the Shazam app.

Once we built the foundation of our core assets and crafted a compelling story, we developed an asset library that encompassed all the necessary elements for a cohesive visual strategy.

This library included dynamic color palettes, striking photography, captivating iconography, customizable templates, unique fonts, and other critical design elements. To ensure maximum impact and efficacy, we also created a comprehensive Brand guide that empowered the Shazam team to leverage these assets for any future marketing endeavors.

Together, we created a compelling sales narrative that captured the essence of Shazam’s brand, leaving a lasting impression on its audience. With this toolkit at their disposal, Shazam was poised to make a memorable impression on their B2B audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


We interviewed several other large firms, but the C42D team seemed to understand our goals more quickly than others. We really appreciated C42D’s experience in creating accessible templates and user guidelines. After meeting them, we felt confident that they were capable of taking on this project.

Alexis Rodriguez Head of Global Marketing Solutions, Shazam