We all know Shazam is the app for naming tunes since 2000. In 2018, they connected with C42D to revamp their core B2B sales story, including how Shazam presents the company and its capabilities, the decks that they pitch to advertisers, and their overall messaging across marketing efforts.


Our task was to audit all sales tools, collaborate with the Shazam team to refine and evolve the story, create key visuals and a design system, and finally bring it all together with a comprehensive brand guide, presentation templates and a presentation usage guide to improve overall adherence to the brand guidelines.


Our first step was to work to evolve and refine the identity, centered around a new key visual based on the animated concentric rings that are iconic to the Shazam app. After building the core assets and story presentation, we developed an asset library including color, photography, iconography, templates, fonts, and other design elements, along with a user guide that explained how to most effectively leverage the templates in customizing them for specific goals or presentations.

Shazam Stationery


Shazam has officially rolled the new toolkit out globally with great reception.


We interviewed several other large firms, but the C42D team seemed to understand our goals more quickly than others. We really appreciated C42D’s experience in creating accessible templates and user guidelines. After meeting them, we felt confident that they were capable of taking on this project.