Teal came to C42D with a beautiful vision: To advance women’s healthcare by putting women, their preferences, and their experiences at the heart of a new way to be screened or a new way to stay healthy.

Cervical cancer is preventable 93% of the time, yet 1 in 3 women is currently underscreened due to the unpleasant experience of a Pap smear. Teal Health is dedicated to creating the first FDA-approved at-home cervical cancer screening kit, changing the conversation around an unpleasant experience with a novel self-collection device that will make it simple for a woman to collect a sample from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of her home.

We worked together on a variety of hummingbird concepts for their brand mark. Hummingbirds are fierce fighters and symbols of good luck. They also signal that challenging times are over and healing can begin.

We landed on a sophisticated brand mark paired with a modern sans-serif that complimented the curves of the bird. The color palette revolved around the color teal, which is the company’s name and the ribbon color of cervical cancer. A soft mint, bright white, soothing taupe, and a rich navy form the primary palette, accented by a feminine coral and warm, inviting amber. This palette is versatile enough to appeal to a consumer and a clinical audience.

For typography, we paired two contemporary sans-serifs, ensuring a legible experience without giving up personality. Photographs of women, their bodies, and their lives have a softness to them. They are the soul of the brand. Delicate linework forms Teal Health’s iconography as well as various curved patterns, mimicking the curves of the hummingbird as well as the female body. Organic illustrations and photography were designed to depict real-life patients – not some idealized stereotype.

We’re happy to announce that Teal Health has raised $8.8M in seed funding from investors to continue on this journey.

I could not be happier with my decision to select C42D for this project; they were the most responsive, detailed, and efficient agency I’ve ever experienced. I could not be more proud of the work we created together and the brand we’ve built.