Imagine an app that is focused on cultivating wonder, deep thinking, and awe. Enter The Humane Space, which curates thoughtful daily prompts and experiences that feed curiosity and widen perspective, encouraging people to consider the world beyond.

Founder Lauren Henkin came to C42D with a brilliant idea and some preliminary concept work but needed to take it to the next level. Her vision is to create a world of wonder, a place to think and ask big questions, opening minds to mystery, awe, and wonderment. Part content hub, social space, and education portal, The Humane Space is a visionary app that required visionary branding.

C42D partnered with iconoclast to create an equally awe-inspiring brand identity for this remarkable product.

C42D collaborated with The Humane Space to define and refine the company’s value proposition, mission, attributes, voice and tone, and key messaging. Finally, a brand narrative tied the strategy together in a compelling story.

Creative territories for the visual identity were explored. Through analysis of the competition, areas of opportunity were identified for color, type, photography, and other design elements. Several mood boards with accompanying design stories were then presented, and a final direction was chosen. An unexpected color palette offers vibrancy and flexibility in pairing with visual content. They sit outside typical tones of photography to feel complementary yet connected.

Typographic styles and fonts offer varying tones of voice and usefulness, with technical, supportive, and welcoming feelings all visually supported. Breathtaking photography paired with a circular motif creates a design language around connection and the cycle of learning.

Once the design system was in place, the app UX & UI were designed to create maximum impact, engagement, and ease of use.


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