Tone is on a mission to empower people to feel great about themselves. By connecting skincare that is more accessible, personal, and caring with a warm and seamless experience, Tone is helping people in all communities to learn to love the skin they are in. With a sleek look and modern patient experience, Tone is redefining what a dermatologist's practice is.

Branding in the medical space is transforming, and many understand that a thoughtful patient experience is essential. Modern urban offices are well-designed, and there is a shift towards a more lifestyle approach. Still, most are stumbling on digital expression. By building a brand around patient experience and translating that experience across the physical space, the website, a premium patient experience, and targeted and strategic messaging, Tone will stand out from the pack.

It was essential to strike a balance between elegance, beauty, and expertise. Beautiful jewel greens were paired with a bright yellow and deep black to create a sophisticated palette. The fonts Questa Grande and Acumin Pro Wide complement and contrast each other to create a balanced typography system that is legible, premium, and trusted.

A script font adds personality and softness to the brand. The photography style is a representation of Tone’s clients and their beauty without featuring significantly re-touched imagery. Authentic-feeling portraiture and a youth vibe bring energy to brand photography. Instead of creating traditional icons, we employ a symbol library to call attention to essential information. The geometry evokes an art deco style to reinforce the refined urban/midwestern look.