Tone is on a mission to empower people to feel great about themselves. By connecting skincare that is more accessible, personal and caring with a warm and seamless experience, Tone is helping people in all communities to learn to love the skin they are in. With a sleek look and modern patient experience, Tone is re-defining what a dermatologist practice is.


Branding in the medical space is transforming, and many understand that a thoughtful patient experience is essential. Modern urban offices are well-designed, and there is a shift towards a more lifestyle approach. Still, most are stumbling on the digital expression. By building a premium brand and connecting that experience across the physical space, the website, and strategic messaging, brands will stand out from the competition and connect with contemporary clients.

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We applied our proprietary process, starting with discovery and brand strategy. We want patients to love the skin they are in and feel an affinity for the Tone brand, so we developed pillars, tone, and key messages that were tailored to resonate with the personas from our research.

It was essential to strike a balance between elegance, beauty, and expertise. Beautiful jewel greens were paired with a bright yellow and deep black to create a sophisticated palette. The fonts Questa Grande and Acumin Pro Wide complement and contrast each other, forming a balanced typography system that is legible, premium, and trusted.

A script font adds personality and softness to the brand. The photography style is a representation of Tone’s clients and their beauty without featuring significantly re-touched imagery. Authentic-feeling portraiture and a youth vibe bring energy to brand photography. Instead of creating traditional icons, we employ a symbol library to call attention to essential information. The geometry evokes an art deco style to reinforce the refined urban/midwestern look.

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This project has just launched so stay tuned for more metrics soon.

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