Tribit is an award-winning Audio brand that has enjoyed success online selling audio equipment, including headphones and Bluetooth speakers. They engaged C42D to articulate a clear, valuable position and visual presence that elevates Tribit into a truly global audio brand.

We interviewed the Tribit team, explored customer feedback as well as engaged in competitive analysis to better understand the space. C42D then delivered a brand position, brand pillars, personality traits, and a brand archetype (the creator). Our brand story is about next-generation sound that’s within reach for everyone. With Tribit premium audio, customers can hear the difference, whether they’re exploring the great outdoors, hanging with friends, or commuting to work.

The outstanding quality of Tribit’s audio experiences is perfectly captured by the tagline, “Have you heard?”

The seamless wireless connection Tribit employs in its technology is symbolized in the logo concept, a stylized and modern T that connects three separate shapes with one continuous line, with the center triangle symbolizing the listener surrounded by three-dimensional sound. A bold color palette and modern typography system rounded out the identity system for this successful brand.

Special thanks to Iconoclast Design Co. for the collaboration and creative direction on this project.