Kindbody Wins Again: 2024 New York Digital Health 100

By David Card

At C42D, we build brands to perform, and a prime example is unicorn fertility startup Kindbody, raising over 275 million post-brand-launch.

For the fifth consecutive year, we’re proud to report that C42D client Kindbody has been named to the New York Digital Health 100 (DH100), recognizing the most innovative healthcare companies on the New York scene.

As we’ve noted before with recent awards from Deloitte and LinkedIn, the digital health sector faced some major challenges in 2023: from shifts in financing trends and investor skepticism to general pessimism around economic forecasts, the sector has felt like both a marathon and a minefield. Businesses like Kindbody, which were able to maintain quiet optimism and persistence, can now celebrate the progress they made despite the challenging landscape.

Kindbody was one of 19 total businesses from the Top 100 to receive additional accolades for having “paved the way for innovation in healthcare” and who “continue to shine as leaders in our community.”

Looking ahead to 2024, almost half of respondents to a DHNY survey tied to this award anticipated the adoption of generative AI as being the most likely driver of the next big leap forward in healthcare.

To be recognized like Kindbody by industry peers, prospects, or investors, you need a distinct identity defining your mission and values. When you have a brand that resonates with people, you get to drive the conversations about your business.

Kindbody is living proof of this, as a startup consistently dedicated to innovating reproductive healthcare and breaking taboos to advance care delivery. Both a presence in the healthcare space and an industry disruptor, their brand is essential to sharing their story and clarifying what they do.

We proudly celebrate our client’s wins and share in the satisfaction around Kindbody’s ongoing recognition since we aim for success like this with every client.

Curious about successful healthcare startup branding? Check out our Kindbody Case Study.



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