C42D Named a Top Global Branding Agency in 2018

By David Card

A common theme among emerging companies is their inability to fight their way through a vast sea of competitors, and never being able to make a name for themselves. With C42D, our clients have been given the tools to not only survive, but excel in the marketplace.

We specialize in brand strategy, digital, and identity systems and have been helping startups reach their customers and build their brands in a meaningful and impactful way.

Ratings and reviews firm, Clutch, has taken note of our ability to promote our clients’ brands and has accredited our company as being among the best brand consultants in New York in 2018. Clutch is a third-party site that provides rankings for B2B service providers based on their ability to deliver to their clients and even goes as far as to interview these companies’ former partners directly.

Based on the feedback that our clients have given C42D, we have maintained a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 stars on their platform, and we’ve been identified as a Global Leader in Branding in their 2018 year-end report.


Here are just a few of the great reviews C42D has on Clutch:

“We enjoyed the whole process, and they executed everything within very tight timelines.”
– Director of Marketing, Fertility Platform


“The updated design that C42D created makes the service feel clean and refreshed.”
– Head of Global Marketing, Music App


“Everyone at C42D took the time to understand our business, resulting in accurate and impressive work.”
– Founder, Insurance Agency


Our team works hard to provide the best services to our clients, so to be ranked so highly based on their feedback is especially encouraging for us, and provides validation for our mission to launch companies who are solving impossible problems, inventing the future, or improving the lives of everyone on the planet.

When starting a business, you will inevitably face an array of different hurdles and complications while trying to establish a successful brand. The reason our clients regard us so highly is due to our ability to lead the way through all of the obstacles involved in entering a market. We’re in the business of creative ideas and leading our clients to a better future.


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