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C42D is a top New York branding agency for visionary companies.

We understand the pressure you feel to deliver results: competition, a new round of funding, rapid growth – it can all lead to sleepless nights. Nobody should have to live like that. That’s why we created a bulletproof strategic process based on years of experience.

We’ll build an engaging and clear brand story that connects with your customers, and then apply it across the board – so you can stay focused on what you’re best at (and get more zzz’s).

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Redefining women's wellness

Discover how C42D branded and launched Kindbody, a category-redefining healthcare startup that is disrupting the fertility clinic space with a lifestyle-based model centered around community and a female-first approach. 

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Shazam for Brands

Building a toolkit that rocks

We all know Shazam is the app for naming tunes since 2000. In 2018, they connected with C42D to revamp their core B2B sales story, including how Shazam presents the company and its capabilities, the decks that they pitch to advertisers, and their overall messaging across marketing efforts.

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Launching a future unicorn into orbit

Learn how C42D helped Cuebiq transform from an early-stage SaaS startup to the global leader in location data through positioning, brand strategy, and a compelling, modern identity system.

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