Tap is a leading insurance firm for the cannabis industry. Unlike traditional brokers, They possess deep industry expertise, a passion for the movement, and a dedication to service that results in better risk management for growers, manufacturers, and everyone along the value chain. Learn how C42D launched Tap as the ultimate resource to help cannabis firms handle their business (and sleep well at night).


The cannabis industry is exploding with opportunity for growers, retailers, manufacturers and other businesses along the distribution chain. However, every opportunity comes with a risk, which is particularly daunting in this vertical.

Traditional insurance brokers are perceived as inexperienced in cannabis and merely adding on another category of coverage to their offering. Tap’s mission was to portray a new kind of insurance company – one that understands the industry and will stop at nothing to go above and beyond to provide top-notch service.


C42D developed a brand positioning strategy for Tap around the platform of “handle your business” As an industry leader, Tap empowers their customers by informing them of all the risks they face, helping them create a comprehensive coverage solution. Credible and reassuring, we made it clear Tap is not just out to make a buck, they are industry veterans with a passion for the movement.

We brought the strategy to life with an abstract hemp symbol, modern typography, and color palette. To add visual interest a library of symbols and patterns was created along with photographic direction to speak to each customer segment. A clear, personal and advisory tone of voice let business owners know Tap helps them solve real issues in a collaborative manner.


Industry response to the identity is overwhelmingly positive. Stay tuned as we track metrics to share for this outstanding company.

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The site looks clean, refreshingly simple, and is a great representation of the brand and what Tap is about at its core.