Learn how we launched Claro, an HR platform for actionable workforce analytics that’s making waves in the world of recruiting and human resources.

Claro Logo


Claro was an existing product called Joberate. Due to a pivot in the product’s target audience and mission, they were looking to rename the product, re-brand and launch a new site. The platform allows companies to overlay their internal HR data with Claro’s proprietary data to identify and retain top talent, help eliminate workplace bias, and uncover issues before they become difficult to resolve.

It was essential to maintain Claro’s current customer base while appealing to a broader market and be positioned as a leader in the HR tech space.

Claro Website


We collaborated with the client to land on the name of Claro, which represents the clarity which the product brings to internal HR decision making. We designed the logo to animate Claro’s friendliness and analytics. We extended that work into a new brand identity system and a rebuilt website experience.

Next, we designed Claro’s value propositions for its core product and developed messaging, icons, and illustrations to reflect the new direction. CRM and email marketing technologies were implemented to track inquiries and leverage opt-ins.

Claro Pattern
Claro Business Card
Claro Letterhead
Claro Website
Claro Website
Claro Website
Claro Website


In partnership with this exceptional client, we accomplished a strategic and elegant complete refresh of the Claro brand.

You can view the new site here. 

We get significantly more web leads than we used to. Daily inquiries for product demos, newsletters, and other services are up about 10X. The navigation, ease of use, understandable content, and site optimization all contribute to those increases. They are strong designers and finished everything on time.