Dooli® creates useful, simple products to keep a baby’s room fresh and make parenting a delight. 
Their first product, PurePail™, is the brainchild of David Stravitz, serial inventor and holder of over 170 patents. He came to C42D with a new odor containment product in need of naming, brand strategy, positioning, identity, and launch.


How to improve on a world-class product that is known by moms everywhere? Dooli had the design, and the challenge was to develop a compelling consumer brand and product name for this next-generation product.

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We applied our proprietary process, starting with discovery and brand strategy. The result of the strategic process was a framework for voice and tone, key messages, positioning, brand pillars, vision, mission and product naming. The name “PurePail” was selected to speak to the superior odor control and desire of parents to have a clean and pristine nursery.

Dooli was positioned as the master / corporate brand, with PurePail™ as the product brand. Sub-brands were created for PurePail™ Go, a smaller version of the main product and PurePail™ Hang-It, and ultra-portable product for travel.

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We’ve pitched to some major retailers and get an amazing amount of positive feedback, not just on the naming of our products but also on our branding, colors, and packaging. Everybody flips over it. The feedback has been off the charts.