FalconViz is a data collection and processing company with a focus on drone expertise, data processing software, and 3D modeling capabilities. They utilize technology and deep expertise to help their customers gather and visualize accurate, verified information for urban planning and architecture, archaeology, construction and real estate. Learn how we built a compelling brand for this firm working completely remotely.


FalconViz is a Saudi-based startup enjoying success through an innovative method of using drones to capture 3D imagery. With a new focus on software development and AI, and plans to expand outward from the Middle East, FalconViz needed to develop a brand strategy focused more on data and with an elevated, global presence.

A second challenge was working with a team in a completely different time zone without the advantage of face to face contact.


We conducted in-depth research into their values, business model, company culture, competitive environment, and key differentiators. Our brand strategy focused on emphasizing a collaborative approach, expertise in data processing, and precision and speed – with quality.

From a creative standpoint, we designed a brand mark that gives a subtle nod to their roots in drone piloting while facing forward to their future in data processing. A dark color palette lent authority and value with bright accents to speak to innovation with a modern touch.


Utilizing project management and communications technology, we bridged the gap to successfully collaborate with the FalconViz team across a six hour time difference and without in-person meetings. Their investor team was impressed with the results and an update to the website will be underway in 2019.