One of the most recognized athletic footwear and apparel companies in the world, Reebok partnered with us to create and produce an integrated campaign across multiple channels for its MemoryTech product.

reebok memorytech brand campaign by C42D


One of the most recognized athletic footwear and apparel companies in the world, Reebok is steeped in its American-inspired fitness heritage and committed to designing and creating the best gear and experiences for athletes of all levels. It has always prided itself on its focus on design and materials innovation to produce the most advanced products on the market.

Reebok MemoryTech is a proprietary memory foam technology developed to provide supreme comfort in footwear. Reebok generally targets particular audiences with its innovations. However, Reebok MemoryTech is a footwear technology for a broad spectrum of the population. Reebok needed the campaign to generate awareness for MemoryTech technology that would educate while encouraging athletes at all levels to consider the advantages of purchasing MemoryTech footwear.



Our creative brief revolved around connecting the brand and technology with the athlete in every person. Our strategy focused on building awareness and educating consumers. We encouraged and empowered hard-core and casual athletes alike to better themselves physically and mentally.

The “Make an Impression” campaign theme provided an introduction to the technology and made an emotional, aspirational connection. The campaign consisted of integrated elements across print, digital, and branded content, video included. The unique footprint icons spoke to all athletes, while innovative lifestyle photography unified the campaign visually.

reebok memorytech brand campaign by c42d
Reebok Memorytech band campaign by C42D
Reebok Memorytech-brand campaign by C42D


The result provided Reebok with both educational, and in keeping with the Reebok brand, aspirational campaign support as it launched new footwear lines using one of their most anticipated technologies – MemoryTech.