Learn how our integrated conceptual campaign for The Corcoran Group focused on emotional storytelling by sharing stories of how real New Yorkers (actual Corcoran clients, not actors) experience life in the Hamptons in contrast to their hectic Manhattan workweeks.


The Corcoran Group is New York’s premier real estate brokerage. Founded in 1945, Corcoran supports over 2,200 agents in 25 offices and generates over $21 billion in sales annually. Corcoran is a people-driven brand that aims to know each client fully to understand where and how they want to live. Corcoran is New York City’s second largest real estate broker.

They wanted to build on their reputation in New York City to bolster growth in the East End market. They needed an integrated solution to drive leads, present fresh new branded content, and fill the sales funnel — all while modernizing the brand and extending Corcoran’s “Live Who You Are” theme.


Corcoran presented a perfect opportunity to marry heart and mind. The real estate business is a personal one. Your home is an expression of your inner self.

We needed to bring some sales rigor to that heart-first approach. So, we integrated high-performing channels such as print, original video, and social media to maximize lead generation and targeted NYC as the feeder market.

All channels drove users to a new, responsive lead capture microsite to gather inquiries and extended the campaign. Consistently elegant, the campaign echoed Corcoran’s deft human touch. Much of the content was able to be cost-effectively repurposed across different channels and for inclusion in the launch of Corcoran’s lifestyle blog, Inhabit.


The campaign accelerated the Corcoran Group’s growth in the Hamptons Market. Corcoran saw 25K social engagements upon launch and a fantastic click-through rate (CTR) which exceeded the industry average by 700%. Corcoran continues to thrive as one of the top brokers in the Hamptons.


Social Engagements


Click Through Rate

They are efficient, effective, and flexible. They never missed a deadline and sometimes they were ahead of schedule. They’ve never said they couldn’t do something.