The Corcoran Group is New York’s premier real estate brokerage. We partnered with them to create a brand campaign targeting people who live and work in NYC to buy or rent a second home in The Hamptons.


The real estate business is a very personal business. Where you live and spend your time can very well define who you are. So we built a strategy that tapped into the emotional side of the business, by telling the stories of real people who escape the chaos of NYC to the tranquility of their second homes in the Hamptons.

After sourcing authentic people who live this lifestyle, we began conducting intimate interviews, learning about their way of life and why they chose a second home in the Hamptons. We brought their stories to life through a one-word action headline and lifestyle photography that captured the unique emotion each person finds in the Hamptons. The stories focused on the dichotomy of each person’s life — NYC vs. the Hamptons.

Under a tight timeline, we executed the campaign through a variety of channels including a series of print ads, videos, digital ads, social media content and a responsve microsite. We also created content for the launch of Corcoran’s lifestyle blog, Inhabit.

The result brought emotion and humanity to the Corcoran Group’s brand through the authentic storytelling and lifestyle photography.


Social Engagements


Click Through Rate (CTR) exceeded the industry average by 700%