Discover how C42D branded and launched Uberflip, a SaaS platform that launches powerful content experiences. They engaged C42D to strategically reposition the brand as a valuable partner for enterprise clients, enhance the visual branding system and apply it across the entire website. 

branding for SaaS


Uberflip was experiencing a period of tremendous user growth, as well as game-changing new features that were appealing to enterprise clients. C42D was tasked with defining the creative vision, revitalizing the way the product story was told online, building a clear and consistent identity system, and designing and developing their new website. 

Uberflip Brand Guidelines
Uberflip Color
Uberflip Business Card
Uberflip Letterhead


We conducted stakeholder interviews with the co-founders, director of sales, product, and additional team members to capture the issues with the current brand, company, and product vision, and what success looks like. 

Our creative led us down several potential avenues before landing on the final identity which included streamlining but keeping the current brand mark. New customer-focused photo collages that illustrated their journey were core to the new system. Fictional brands were created to represent real-world clients. We brightened the color palette and ensured it met accessibility standards. New brand fonts, patterns, and other graphical elements rounded out the package. 

Next, we worked closely with the uberflip team to collaborate on the customer journey and develop hi-fidelity wireframes that ultimately became the blueprint for the new visual designs. An intense eight-week development sprint brought us to the finish line in time for a September launch right at the start of the marketing season. 

Uberflip Website
Uberflip Website
Uberflip Website
Uberflip Website
Uberflip Digital Ads
Uberflip Website
Uberflip Environmental
Uberflip Logo Environmental
The feedback has been great. People say that the brand looks refreshed and better represents what we do today. A lot of people have written in saying that our website is the type of website they’re striving to create.