Winq is a survey app startup that helps individuals, groups, and brands get seamless, anonymous feedback to queries and to make better and more informed decisions. Read on for the details on how we launched this brand with style. 


In anticipation of its launch in the app store, Winq came to us to develop their brand identity and visual expression, and extend the work to the mobile app interface. We needed to create a unique, expressive brand identity and mobile experience that was a clean and pure reflection of the elegance of the Winq mobile app.


Winq has a simple premise: a wink has two states — ”opened” or “closed.” Similarly, many forms of a question have two answers — ”yes” or “no,” “true” or “false,” “this” or “that.” With this idea as creative inspiration, we designed a simple, geometric expression of the Winq identity. We extended this visual approach to advertising, focusing on simple, striking images and intense colors. For the app interface design, we used our color palette and the deconstructed shapes from the animated logotype as icons to indicate core app functionality.


The new brand identity, advertising, and mobile app design helped Winq launch and attracted new users and brands to their innovative platform.