Winq is the question-based app that helps individuals, groups and brands get feedback and make decisions. We partnered with them to design a striking visual brand and mobile app experience.


A wink has two states — ”opened” or “closed”. Many forms of a question have two answers — ”yes” or “no”, “true” or “false”, “this” or “that”. With this in mind, we built the Winq visual identity using minimal geometric shapes as a nod to the app’s simplicity. Each character consists of two overlapping abstract layers defined by color.

As we developed the visual identity we designed key visuals for advertising. We used contrasting colors and the deconstructed shapes from the logo to illustrate the core functionality of the app. In the app, we created a streamlined user interface by introducing clean typography and a limited color palette. This allows the user's content to be the focus.

The visual identity and mobile app design helped Winq attract new users and brands to their innovative platform.