YouTube is the world’s leading online video platform, but how can they engage media planners to stay top of mind year-round? That’s the challenge C42D set out to solve.


YouTube is perpetually engaged in providing network partners with new advertising vehicles while building and maintaining their relationships with media planners and strategists. With many initiatives pending for the new year, YouTube needed a simple, engaging way to keep its brand top-of-mind with the planning community.

YouTube Media Planner


We created a one-of-a-kind, physically interactive, dimensional calendar specifically for media planners and strategists—perfect for one of the original unicorns. And this was no ordinary calendar. It was custom-crafted from a solid birch wood base carved with YouTube branding and holding twelve double-sided letterpress calendar cards.

Data visualization animated the calendar’s content to highlight critical information and demonstrate the advantages of advertising with YouTube. This refreshingly non-digital solution kept the YouTube brand not just top-of-mind, but also top-of-desk.


The calendar was a keeper. It was requested well beyond the numbers produced and is a testament to the power of the physical gesture in an increasingly digital world. YouTube’s advertising revenue continues to grow, and while we can’t claim responsibility for that, we think we helped keep the brand fresh.