Ogilvy is one of the greats. Founded in 1948 and part of WPP, they’ve built some of the most venerable brands in the world today. Ogilvy continues to be an industry thought leader, and we partnered with them to develop an editorial design and produce their book on emerging markets - The V12.


Ogilvy shares its vision and insight in widely-read published reports that live on as part of the Ogilvy Library. For one such report, The Ogilvy Editorial team, led by the Global CEO, generated original market research identifying the twelve velocity markets reshaping global growth. This work, years in the making, was a crucial work of content marketing and thought leadership for the agency. It was a complex project, with a challenging mix of data visualization, imagery, and writing. Most important, it needed to be presented in a way that reflected Ogilvy’s dominance as a thought leader and its well-earned reputation for creativity.


The final work, called The Velocity 12 Report, is a significant entry in Ogilvy’s ongoing thought leadership series and a source of invaluable insights for the C-Suite. The design solution could be nothing less than world-class. We translated the idea of 12 velocity markets into a visual language by creating a mark constructed from 12 “V” shapes. The element formed a circular globe motif which extended throughout the design.

We designed a visual language to present a range of varied, and often complex, content elements ranging from editorial, numerical data, infographics, and case studies, in a simple, clean and fluid fashion. This design system helped engage the reader at a pace that encouraged turning the page.


The report continues to exemplify Ogilvy’s position as an industry thought leader and has become a vital resource to some of the world’s most influential brands. The Velocity 12 Report continues to be a widely distributed and influential resource.

We turned to C42D to design a report that was 5 years in the making. Working with this talented team is a pure pleasure, and the results didn't just make us happy; they made us look great!